Sunday, May 31, 2015

Today's quieter day in Dublin

Ended in a delightful dinner at this bistro near our hotel.

Also,  our hotel is above the firehouse,  they had the door open so I finally got a photo.

Whiskey history museum

This is a fairly new place.   It's cute there's a tour where they explain the history of whiskey.   Cute shopping &  Cafe.

Not quite the whisky haunted mansion of Edinburgh,  but fun and informative none the less!

Walking home from riverfest

Here's a photo of the iconic stacks of Dublin again the stormy sky.   Lots of rain,  then 5 minutes later,  sun.   Go figure

Also at River fest

There was lots of vendor food.   I didn't buy any,  but I was enchanted with all of the gummies buy the pound!   They even had Turkish delight!

River fest

We walked they the River fest today and saw the tall ships!   We missed the hours to tour them,  but we still walked along the river liffey and saw some beautiful boats!

Castle pick me up

Inside Dublin castle

Mostly inside the state apartments.   Many more on my camera.

The harp of Ireland

We learned that when Ireland became independent that it wanted the harp as is national symbol.  

Apparently,  that was and had been trade marked by Guinness for years.   So they had to negotiate with them to use it.   The terms they came to,  the county of Ireland had to flip it.   So they are base on the right side.  

Outside Dublin castle

I was slightly sad to see that Dublin castle is not medieval.   There are some ruins under the castle.   But mostly it's now more like a palace and conference center.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Molly Malone

FIT bit badges

I'm not a fitbit user,  but Mike sure is.   

Needless to say,  we've been getting our 10,000 steps in normally by around lunch.
But,  we got badges,  I didn't even know this was a thing.   I feel accomplished.

The lighthouse came from the day in Edinburgh,  where we did the yacht and both castles.

The ferris wheel came from yesterday's adventure to northern Ireland and the Causeway.

St stephens green

I found my first working fountain of our trip.

Everyone keeps telling us it is unseasonably cold.   It sure is & rainy. 

I felt like we would have been remiss with out a trip to the green.   It's like their central park.

We also wandered around grafton street where the shopping is.   No purchasing,  but it's always nice to look.  

Our stroll today also took us by St Patrick's cathedral.   It has quite a beautiful park next to it.   That's where the Viking playground photo is from.


I'm an official Whiskey taster.   I can't say I really love the stuff though.   Makes a good Irish coffee though. 

Duck Lane