Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Early flight home...

Inside our trinity city hotel room

The world's oldest pot still


So we took a big adventure on the BUS today!

We went about 2 hours away to pretty much the middle of the island.  

Our destination was Killbegan Distillery.   The town was tiny but cute.   There is a huge water wheel,  which they are working to convert into a power source in the future,  but that used to crush barley for whiskey.

They have the world's oldest pot still,  that they still use to make their whiskey.

I was wishing that I had smell of vision.   It smelled like bread baking!

We had a chance to chat with the distiller,  whom gave us a taste of first shot.

Then there is a cool giant almost cave like building where they store the barrels.   It is here that we saw all the specialty ones that are waiting to mature for people.   It is here that we got to try some Whiskey straight from the 23 year old barrel.   Yum yum.

The grounds themselves are quite beautiful and we had a delicious lunch at the restaurant.

Inside our hotel lobby and restaurant

Our hotel is a funny combo of styles.

  There's a courtyard in the restaurant that's filed with sculptures of animals.

Then there's a bit of art nouveau in the light fixtures.

Then there's fun suitcase and bird wall paper.

Additionally, there's a ton of purple.  

It's kind of fun.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Late night dublin

After arriving back from rainy Belfast,  we were trying to figure out dinner.

I know I take the availability of things in my life for granted.  But really people,  if you don't sit down by 9:30, you're not eating,  anywhere.  

How can people stay out drinking with no food???   I do not understand this.  

But I am also now a firm believer that all beverages should be available in half pints.   It's a much more reasonable size.

And I made Michael go stand in front of temple bar.   We did come all the way here,  I figured it's kind of mandatory.  

More rainy Belfast

Although we didn't spend a whole lot of time in northern Ireland,  I would encourage people to go.

I know even,  ten years ago people would still be afraid to go.   All I can say is it's a beautiful place, and everyone we meet was friendly and so excited that people are coming to see their country.

I didn't get any photos,  but we did brave the hoop on hop off bus (with no hopping)  just to see some of the murals.   There's a whole peace wall that stands still around the city.  

Next to the old court buildings,  there are  places the walls are, 17 feet thick and reinforced with steel,  so they could withstand a car bomb.

The opera house there is beautiful and was rebuilt 3 times after being bombed.

It's an amazing part of this beautiful island.  

Titanic Belfast inside

Stationery,  rooms,  china ... Oh my!