Tuesday, June 2, 2015


So we took a big adventure on the BUS today!

We went about 2 hours away to pretty much the middle of the island.  

Our destination was Killbegan Distillery.   The town was tiny but cute.   There is a huge water wheel,  which they are working to convert into a power source in the future,  but that used to crush barley for whiskey.

They have the world's oldest pot still,  that they still use to make their whiskey.

I was wishing that I had smell of vision.   It smelled like bread baking!

We had a chance to chat with the distiller,  whom gave us a taste of first shot.

Then there is a cool giant almost cave like building where they store the barrels.   It is here that we saw all the specialty ones that are waiting to mature for people.   It is here that we got to try some Whiskey straight from the 23 year old barrel.   Yum yum.

The grounds themselves are quite beautiful and we had a delicious lunch at the restaurant.

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